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OAK 4.0 allows end users to collect data that will empower better operational decisions. This feature enables OAK machines to provide operational data to the end user’s production system for refinement and reporting purposes. These reports can be utilized to analyze production metrics, optimize asset management, and proactively schedule machine maintenance.

OAK 4.0 provides you smart, connected machines that will help you optimize your plant’s operations. Our goal is to enable you to gather the data from OAK machines that you need to take your business to the next level of intelligence, realize actionable insights, and improve your asset management and maintenance.

OAK 4.0

      • Predictive/Preventative Maintenance
        • Tool sharpening/replacement (ie., pierce punch, cutter blade, or expander bullets)
        • Machine cleaning schedule determined by cycles or hours in operation
        • Lubrication/oil refill schedule
        • Servo performance logs
        Machine Monitoring
        • Log diagnostic messages and error messages for trouble shooting
        • Servo torque graphs to review anomalies
        • Real world data that helps OAK refine machine design and process improvement
        Production Metrics
        • Machine utilization rates
        • Production rates (TAKT time) to refine scheduling machine capacity
        • Real time schedule attainment reporting

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