This calculator is designed to allow you to better determine the return on investment (ROI) of the OAK Phoenix Expander compared to your current expander. By providing details about your production environment, you can estimate the cost savings an OAK Phoenix expander could produce for your company.

Select your answer to each question below:

What diameter of tube do you use? (i.e. Tube OD)

What is your current expander scrap rate?

How often do you change over tooling for coil setup in your current expander?

What is your tube shrink rate on your current expander?

Currently how many coils do you expand annually?

Based on your production inputs, the Phoenix will save you:

Cost Savings

Reduction in Direct Materials

Reduction in perishable tooling,
maintenance, rework, and floor space

Reduction in Scrap

Reduced aluminum stock,
tube and refrigerant waste

Other Savings

Expansion processes,
Downstream brazing processes

Phoenix Pressure Expander

Non-Invasive Pressure Expansion

The Phoenix pressure expander exhibits zero shrinkage throughout the expansion process, resulting in drastically reduced material costs. Additionally, the innovative Phoenix expansion method leaves delicate tube enhancements undamaged, creating more opportunity for experimentation with radical new enhancement designs for improved heat transfer quality.


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Triumph Cost Calculator

This calculator is designed to allow you to determine your cost per hairpin produced based on some important production inputs. By entering details about your production environment, schedule, and workload, you can compare the cost per hairpin produced by Burr Oak Tool's Triumph hairpin bender to that of two competing hairpin benders.