Load, Size, Ring and Eject

This newly designed machine properly sizes return bend legs and assembles braze rings onto each leg. Ring placement and sizing are both accurate and consistent, requiring little operator interface. This machine has rotating stations that work in tandem to load, size, ring, and eject. Each function is performed during each cycle of the machine.

  • Production

    120 pcs/min


    48” wide x 114” long x 84” tall
    122 cm x 290 cm x 213 cm


    ~ 3,000 lbs (1,361 kg)

    Air Supply

    2 ft3/min at 85 psi
    (0.3 m3/min at 5.5 bar)

    Power Supply

    5 kW @ .80/.82 PF, 24 VDC Controls

    Foundation information supplied upon request

  • Material Size

    Tube diameter 10 mm or smaller

    Material Type

    Copper or Aluminum

    Bend Type

    Return Bends

    Bend Size

    5/8" (16 mm) – 1 1/2" (38.1 mm)

    Bend Leg Length

    3/16" (4.75 mm) - 1/2" (12.7 mm)

  • Economic
    • One machine does both sizing and addition of rings
    • Higher productivity with more output per shift
    • Fast production – performs up to 120 parts per minute
    • Able to size and ring copper or aluminum bends
    • Less flux loss with vibratory system vs. rotary drum basket
    • Ring detection with auto eject of return bends with missing rings
    • Rings are pushed on squarely – higher retention of aluminum rings
    • Bend detection before ringing - results in less jams, downtime, & scrap
    User Advantages
    • Bend center tooling changeover in under 30 minutes
    • Intelligent loading sensors will pause cycle if lacking material
    • Machine will count parts and display scrap rate on HMI
    • Consistent part orientation and uniform track unloading to ease downstream processes
    • Guarding provides a clear view of the machine in operation while protecting users
    • Guarding is interlocked during machine operation to ensure operator safety
    • Operator touch screen controls can be configured for different languages

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