Maximize Fin Handling

The fin stock uncoiler, die takeout, electrostatic lubricator, suction unit, and stacker unit comprise the heart of the Burr OAK material handling system. Our line equipment features new innovations in stock feeding and fin collection focusing on ease of operation and increased productivity.

  • Uncoiling Systems

    Designed to supply the press with the raw material needed to produce a fin.

    Single Uncoiler

    Double Uncoiler

    Lubrication Systems

    Standard Dip Tank



    Fin Scrap Conveyor

    Die Takeout System

  • Suction Unit

    Standard non-moving

    Tap Down Sheet

    2-Position Rotary Stacker

    The rotary stacking system is available in both the standard and heavy-duty designs depending on various production requirements. Either version will move a completed stack of fins from underneath the suction unit to a position where it can be manually unloaded. At the same time, an empty set of tooling is positioned under the suction unit so fin production can be safely continued with minimum interruption. Also available is an elevator option to aid in the location, stacking, and removal of fins with small diameter collars.

    2-Position Shuttle Stacker

    This stacker moves the completed stack of fins from under the suction unit by traversing from left to right. As in the rotary version, an empty set of tooling is located under the suction unit at the same time for the most efficient production process.


    The cart stacker allows a completed stack of fins to be removed from under the suction unit and moved, as a unit, to the next stage of coil manufacturing or into inventory. An empty cart can then be accurately positioned, through the use of a nesting and locking plate, under the suction unit to allow fin production to continue with minimum interruption.

  • Economic

    OAK line equipment is designed to feed raw material and properly present finished goods to keep the fin press and die operating at optimum speed, avoiding slowdowns or downtime of any sort.
    Variable speed options are available on all line equipment. Operator sets a consistent line speed to meet output needs without having to turn the line on and off.


    Stacker rods are manufactured from hardened stainless steel to increase their life-cycle.
    Stacker rod stabilizers minimize vibration and increase the consistency of the stacking process.
    The newly designed "double delta" stacker rods are corrosive resistant, stronger, and electro-polished to maximize fin stacking.


    The press stops automatically when the raw material is exhausted. The press also stops automatically when the proper number of fins have been stacked.
    Fin stacking elevators raise fin stacks to facilitate unloading.
    All stacker designs allow the safe removal of stacks of fins while the press is in operation and loading the active station.

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Efficient • Effective • Environmentally Friendly

The OAK E-Lube lubrication system is an innovative and economical solution to lubrication requirements. The controlled application provides smooth and consistent lubrication to the fin stock, which helps protect tooling and reduces waste. The system features controlled lubricant delivery to both sides of the stock using specialized felt application pads.