Battery Grid Stamping Dies for the Lead Battery Market

Alongside our sister company, OAK Press Solutions, we offer power grid dies for the lead battery market.

    • Superior grid punching method outperforms competitor processes (see "System Comparisons" PDF).
    • High-speed stamping lines deliver speeds exceeding 300 strokes per minute.
    • Wire weaving and embossed border features increase the effective thickness of the battery grids, generating improved paste retention.
    • Versatile design allows processing of Calcium Lead (Pb-Ca), as well as pure Lead (Pb) materials.
    • Availability of multiple grid heights within one set of tooling allows production of several product variations using the same machine setup.
    • Versatile dies are capable of producing several variations of high-quality grids, providing excellent investment value.
    • High press speeds combined with superior grid punching process yields exceptional production rates.

    • Minimal time required for tool changeover, which can often be performed without removing the die from the press.
    • Adjustable and recordable height stations allow for different material thickness, as well as varying part specifications.
    • Longer tool life enables lengthier intervals between required maintenance.

Battery Grid System Comparison

Fin Dies

Built for Accuracy, Speed, Longevity and Reliability

Burr OAK Tool Inc. has been the industry leader in designing and building fin dies since the early 1960s. Our engineers work closely with you to design and build your fin die to meet your specific heat transfer requirements. The dies can be equipped with rapid die change options to provide more flexible and accurate production capabilities.